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Diamonds are Forever

This seems like such an appropriate names for the 7th of the James Bond released movies as the casino which is featured in the movie is based on Las Vegas, Nevada. Somehow for me Las Vegas has an feeling of wealth and over the top kind of lifestyle, which diamonds also represents for many people.

The filming took place mostly in hotels in Las Vegas which were all owned by Howard Hughes, due to his friendship with Broccoli, and many scene took place in the ‘Whyte House’ which was so named after the character Willard Whyte, played by Jimmy Dean. The actual hotel used for this was the Las Vegas Hilton.

Also the owner of Circus Circus was a rather large Bond fan and so he allowed the Circus midway to be used as a film location as well and got to have a cameo role in the film as well.

The Las Vegas Hilton casino was used and in the film Sean Connery walks through the slots area, where he spots the show taking place of Shady Tree and his Acorns. But later he finds himself once again at the Craps table where he once again enjoys a little dice rolling time.

And interesting side note about Sean Connery during the filming of Diamonds are Forever is that he made sure he made the most of his time in Las Vegas and while most of the filming took place at night due the high amounts of neon lighting in Las Vegas effecting the cinematography of the movie, Mr. Connery made sure to squeeze in shows during the day and play his hand at, I am sure craps. He was apparently late for shooting a scene one day because he was busy collecting and changing his winnings.

So even James Bond enjoys a little roll of the dice on and off screen, in the famous gambling city of Las Vegas.

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