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Las Vegas – Nevada

The most popular city in Nevada, internationally renowned gambling and resort city, Las Vegas is a top tourist destination and has over the years become known as Sin City, all due to the ‘tolerance’ for a variety of adult focused entertainment.

While most of the casinos and resorts are situated in the downtown area, including the ‘Freemont Street Experience’, over time it has included areas outside of the city limits such as the Las Vegas Strip and sometimes also the Las Vegas Valley. The casino’s found in the downtown area include the Plaza, Las Vegas Club, Binion’s, Fremont, Golden Nugget and Statosphere Las Vegas to name a few.

With its expose worldwide through advertising, film, TV series, books and all other forms of media Las Vegas has truly become an iconic symbol of over the top fun, glamour, excitement and entertainment all with a little risk rolled into one.

Casinos of course are at the top of list when most people think of Las Vegas and of course with its history of mob connections, and the money making opportunities, both for clientele as well as owners and partners, one thinks Vegas and they think money.

Hotels and resorts feature the most wonderful architecture and design, décor and variety to choose from, spoiled for choice really is a phrase that comes to mind when you see what is on offer.

Headliners are a well-known feature of Las Vegas and has played host to iconic names such as Jerry Lewis, David Copperfield, The Rat Pack, Wayne Newton, Siegfried & Roy, Elvis, Celine Dion and one of the original headliners Liberace. There are many more names throughout its history such as Cirque Du Soleil, Santana, Evel Knievel and Barry Manilow who have also been a part of the entertainment world that exists in Las Vegas.

The saying, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, has become a part of the perception of Las Vegas through the years, with its bigger than life portrayal of entertainment Las Vegas is a place where dreams can come true and lives can be altered in the flash of a bright neon light.

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