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Las Vegas Strip

We have all heard and seen this phenomenal 6.8 km area which stretches through Las Vegas Boulevard in Nevada, but did you know that the Las Vegas Strip is not actually located in the City of Las Vegas, but instead passes through the towns of Paradise and Winchester which are in fact found just south of Las Vegas city limits.

This rather scenic road, especially at night, plays host to many of the largest hotel resorts and casinos in the world. Of the world’s 25 largest hotels (by room count), 15 of them are located on the Las Vegas Strip and total over 62 000 rooms. This is one of the reasons why Las Vegas is such a popular tourist destination, the visual appeal of the architecture which is modern, dramatic and stretches both the length and to great heights, the visual effects of the Las Vegas Strip have been admired and desired for years.

The well-known and famous sign which reads, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” has been there since 1959 and is approximately 7 km outside of the city limits. There are many casinos which are on this strip, some are within the strictest sense of ‘the Strip’, the actual stretch of the Las Vegas Boulevard, but since then other hotels and casinos within proximity have also been listed as being a part of the Las Vegas Strip.

The first casino built on “the Strip” was the El Rancho Vegas which opened in April of 1941 with just 63 rooms, and it remained there for almost 20 years before it was destroyed by a fire in 1960.

The success of the El Rancho Vegas spawned the new era of hotels, and since 1960 the area has known bigger and better, more elaborate and grand casinos. In 1989 with the opening of The Mirage came a whole new level of experience to Las Vegas, as smaller made way for the more larger than life casino and hotel’s that we know today such as The Bellagio, which replaced The Dunes after it closed in 1993. And also the Venetian which now stands where the once historic Sands Hotel stood until 1996.

Two interesting historical tributes occurred on the Las Vegas Strip in 1995 and 1998, where following the deaths of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, respectively, all the lights along the Strip were dimmed as a sign of respect to honour both these frequent Las Vegas entertainers.

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