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Oldest Casino in Las Vegas – Golden Gate Casino

Situated downtown Las Vegas Nevada may not be the most dazzling hotel and Casino but is the most historic. Number 1 Fremont Street is home to the Golden Gate Casino, with just 106 rooms this is the smallest hotel which plays part of the “Fremont Street Experience”.

Original named the Hotel Nevada when it first opened in 1906, expanding in 1931 to the Sal Sagev when gambling was being re-legalised in Nevada (you may notice the play on words here, with the name being Las Vegas spelled backwards). In 1995 is when the hotel got its current name of Golden Gate Hotel and Casino and the four story hotel was renovated.

The hotel and casino again underwent renovations in 2009 but in 2012 its most significant renovations in over 50 years took place where the piano bar and lobby area were gutted to make the it more spacious and modern looking, this was at the cost of $12 million which included adding two new penthouses, 14 suits and now a 35,000 square feet five-story hotel tower.

The casino itself plays on the idea of the 1920’s ‘flappers’, women who at the time ran against the norm and socially acceptable behaviour by enjoying the night life till the early morn, and wearing frowned upon attire such as short skirts. In this vein the casino now has ‘sexy Dancing Dealers’ who add to the casino’s own sense of history.

On offer in the casino are the latest in slots and video slots, as well as the traditional tables games such as blackjack and craps, but also more recent additions in the form of Let It Ride and 3–card poker.

A little piece of history also took place in this building, in 1959 the first 50 cent shrimp cocktail was served, and one of the things that the Golden Gate is best known for. Only in 1991 was the price first raise from the original 50 cents to just 99 cent, but as the world ultimately has to change, in 2008 the price increased by 100% to $1.99 and then four years later in 2012 the price went up again to $2.99, which we still think is a reasonable price for a tulip shape sundae glass filled with cold water shrimp ad topped off with cocktail sauce.

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