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Jennifer Harmon

Doing for the ladies, this 48 year old American professional poker player who hails from Reno, Nevada USA is considered one of the world’s greatest players in the history of the sport. She is one of only two women who have won two WSOP bracelets.

She has sat at 12 WSOP final tables, has a grand total of 30 WSOP money finishes. She also has 11 money finishes in the World Poker Tour and has made it to two final tables.

Up until 2006 Jennifer Harmon was considered the greatest female poker player, however she has since been out played by fellow American professional poker player Vanessa Selbst. In her career, as of last year her total winnings exceed $2 433 000 with her highest earning coming in 2005 in 2nd place she took $383 840 in the Rio Las Vegas Festival in the $10 000 WSOP Circuit Championship Event – No Limit Hold’em.

She graduated in 1991 from the University of Nevada in biology, she then decided to move to LA, and while waiting tables for just three days she found her future career at the Bicycle Casino, where she built up her expertise in limit Hold’em. While the early years left her bankroll in a less than desired state, by her own admission this was due to her own money management skills.

In 1994 she started to take the right steps to have a more lucrative career in poker tournaments however it wasn’t until 2000 when she began to make a real mark on the industry, with her first WSOP bracelet win.

Her story should encourage any women out there who want to be a professional poker player, to go for it, get your bookkeeping skills in order, sharpen your poker skills, get the right poker face going and you could find yourself with two gorgeous gold bracelets too.

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