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Russel Thomas

Holding the 4th place chip stack for the WSOP World Championships is 24 year old USA born poker player, from Hartford Connecticut Russell Thomas. Prior to making the October Nine his most notable win was in 2010 at the 41st WSOP in Las Vegas, he came 5th in the $1 500 No Limit Hold’em Six Handed, with prize money of $84 256.

With a total of 24 800 000 chips going into the WSOP Main Event this non-professional player who graduated from Temple University in 2010 as an actuary learned how to play poker from his brother who is a poker player during his sophomore year at college, he played online, and once he came to Las Vegas after graduating he started playing in live games.

Russell has the intention of taking his playing skills more seriously should he play well enough in the main event and become a professional poker player, touring the world and seeing how far his skill can take him. Who wouldn’t with the first place prize money of over $8 500 000?

With his eye on the prize, this clearly intellectual young man could be the new WSOP World Champion with only 4 or 5 years of poker playing experience, and all before he has even turned pro, should be a gripping October Nine indeed.

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