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Stanley Ho – King of Gambling

Who is Stanley Ho you ask, well you may know him as Ho Hung Sun or Stanley Ho Hung Sun, or you may know him as “The King of Gambling”. If you don’t recognise any of these names or titles, here is why you should know him.

Stanley Ho is amongst the wealthiest people in Asia, for 40 years he held the government-granted monopoly on Macau Gambling. That’s right Macau China, with 39 casino’s, making it one of the biggest gambling areas in the world. As an industrialist and entrepreneur Ho has been involved in business ventures from entertainment and tourism, to banking and air transport.

This billion USD magnet is aged 91, with 17 children from four women. Ho fled Japan in 1942 due to the outbreak of World War II and settled in Macau. Coming from a wealthy family did not define Ho’s success. He made his own fortune despite his families money and background.

Stanley Ho owns eight casino’s in Macau and has shares in all but two of casino’s in the area. He took some risks of his own early on by getting his fortune started with illegally smuggling luxury items from Macau to China during the war. Of course he was a smart businessman who then used this wealth to set up legitimate business holdings and with three other businessmen got involved with the bid for the gambling rights in Macau.

With a net worth of around seven billion US dollars Stanley Ho has many luxuries of his own, but his life has not been without scandal and family feuding. He has made gambles throughout his life and has managed to come out on top it seems, perhaps that why his main focus in business has been on the gambling industry, as Thomas Jefferson says, “With great risk comes great reward”.

In 2006 Casino Lisboa Portugal was opened to the public, this glass and steel casino housing 700 slot machines at the time of opening, which later became over 1000, 22 gaming tables with restaurants and bars and a theatre is owned by Estoril-Sol, which Stanley Ho is the majority owner.

Then in 2007 Ho opened a casino with the same name in Macau. The Grand Lisboa Casino Macau, through his company Sociedade de Jogos de Macao, or SJM. This dazzling LED lit dome is made up of more than one million LED lights. This four floor, 240 gaming tables and 750 electronic games experience will astonish any gambling enthusiast.

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