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Flenix Casino Mini Games – Mini Roulette
Feb 8th, 2013

NET Entertainment through Flenix Casino brings you Mini Roulette. What fun can be had with this more compressed version of the traditional Roulette you can find both online and in casino’s around the world.

Mini Roulette has 13 numbers for you to place bets on, from 0 to 12. The table layout still offers you eight different ways to place your bets. You have your straight up bets which are placed on the 13 number positions available, the split bet where you can place a chip between any two numbers on the layout. Threeline, Corner and Column bets are also available, and then your Half-Dozen, Odd’s and Even’s and Black and Red options.

Each bet placed has its own pay-out and max bets which are as follows:


With a minimum bet of €1 and a maximum of up to €500 on the outer bet lines this miniature version of Roulette can still keep you enjoying the game. On Mini Roulette your betting values available are €1, €5, €10 and €100, and as you place your bets you will be informed of how much you are betting, what the maximum amount is if you try and go over, it will not allow you, so you cannot make any mistakes. You have the option to speed up playing with their convenient ‘rabbit/hare’ button, and can toggle the sound on and off to your taste.

The smaller virtual wheel will come up on the screen with every spin you make, and they also keep a record of the numbers which have been hit to the right of your screen. You can pull up your Paytable to confirm your pay-out ratios.

This is as much fun as the full sized version, and you still have a number of choices for your bets that you can play around with.

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Sussie, on the February 02, 2013 at 4:31 pm:

I’ve never played “mini” casino games, but they look like a lot of fun, thank you for posting these!

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